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Service Provider Information Form:

 The Austin Branch of the International Dyslexia Association supports efforts to provide services to individuals with dyslexia, their families, and all related support personal. This branch does not, however, endorse any of the service providers that will be presented in this list. These providers are listed as a starting point from which one must screen for appropriateness to the individual situation. This list includes only those who have completed and returned the necessary forms. (Service Provider Information Form) and who are members of the International Dyslexia Association. The Austin Branch reserves the right to determine appropriateness for listing. 

Fill out this form and click SUBMIT. You can also print out this form and send it to:  Kathy Maguire 1712 Star Light Circle  Cedar Park, Texas 78613 

There is no cost at this time for being listed in this directory. This is not an endorsement from the Austin Area Branch of the International Dyslexia Association, therefore a disclaimer will be included in the directory listing AABIDA reserves full discretionary authority for inclusion in this directory.

Name or contact person

Type of Services Provided:

Medical Assessment & Treatment Provider
Psycho- Educational Assessment & Treatment
Speech Language Pathologist
Multi-sensory Learning Center or School
Academic Tutor for Dyslexia
Teacher Training Services

Type of Services Provided:


Describe the type of services that you provide:
(tutors, please list multi-sensory programs that you are trained/certified in)


Address 1
Address 2
City, State ZIP
Phone number
E-Mail (optional)
I am interested in listing my services with the Austin Area Branch of the International Dyslexia Association's web page at Austinida.org