2005 AABIDA Nominating Committee


  In order to be a board member, the International Dyslexia Association requires that you join IDA.  If you arenít currently a member, you may join on-line at:    https://www.interdys.org/jsp/member/index.jsp

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For the following questions, please feel free to use as much room as you need or continue on another page.  

What brought you to serving on the AABIDA board?




What interests or talents do you have that you would be willing to share with the Board?  Ex.  Administrative, fund-raising, public speaking, teacher workshops, parent advocacy.




Please explain any other responsibilities, work, familial, or volunteer that you have had or currently have which are related to serving individuals with dyslexia.




This  completed form needs to be received by the Nominating Committee before October 15, 2021 .  You may the completed form to:

2005 AABIDA Nominations
6509 Skycrest
Austin , TX 78745